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A gracious thank you to our sponsors! It’s because of our generous sponsors who love the idea of the JOE lil’brary so much that we’re able to make this initiative possible. If you’re interested in supporting the JOE lil’brary project and would like to sponsor a lil’brary to a crèche, daycare, nursery school, pre-primary school, primary school or a children’s non-profit organisation, please use the form below.

Thanks for considering this!

What you get

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Editions and colours

English-speaking or Trots Suid-Afrikaans? The JOE lil’brary’s silkscreening is available in English or Afrikaans.

Wood stain colours

Available on request and there are 6 colours for you to choose from: Natural, Antique, Canary, Forest, Amsterdam and Bermuda. Lacquered, in clear satin.






Contact us

Or contact Sabine at:
Email: mailforsabs@gmail.com
Cell: 082 927 4732


The JOE lil’brary model is proudly collaborated in South Africa by