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Reading The Moonling with your child offers a chance to talk about the book and its themes

It’s our hope that when parents read The Moonling with their kids that it would spark conversation.

Compared to the first half, the story of The Moonling grows increasingly heavier in the second half, and when the Moonling discovers that the earth is actually far more beautiful from far away due to man’s greed and destructive nature we hope that the young reader will also become conscious of this fact and, that this will confidently lead to some important questions being asked by the child. It’s more crucial than ever that parents talk to their kids TRUTHFULLY about the earth’s prognosis, our broken systems, and fossil fuel politics because we need to raise active, community-minded, and environmentally-aware children and not just cultivate another generation of mindless buyers and sellers.

“When the earth is hurting, I am hurting,” Karl thinks to himself…

Opening up to your child might be easier than you think because, most children intuitively know right from wrong, kids’ built-in moral compass detects and rejects injustice, unlike tainted grownups.