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JOE lil’brary is a much-needed collaboration to inspire young readers, and spark creativity.


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A JOE lil’brary is an invitation to share the joy of reading with children. Kids can simply reach in and take what interests them; when they are done, they can return them to the lil’brary. If anyone has a book or two that they think other children in the class/group would enjoy, they can just pop it into the lil’brary located at their school or organisation.

Parts list

1x Lid
1x Case collar
1x Base (with 4x castor wheels)
The Moonling (soft-cover) OR Die Maanling (sagteband vir JOE biblio’kie)
Pete Twiddlefeet and the heart on his sleeve (soft-cover)
Hetta Elizabetha en die wêreld op haar skouers (soft-cover)
Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein (soft-cover)

Editions and colours


English-speaking or Trots Suid-Afrikaans? The JOE lil’brary’s branding is available in English or Afrikaans.

Wood stain colours

Available on request and there are 6 colours for you to choose from: Natural, Antique, Canary, Forest, Amsterdam and Bermuda. Lacquered, in clear satin.


50% of the lil’brary case is made of recycled content and the rest is manufactured from FSC approved plywood.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Shipping method


Production schedule

  • Every JOE lil’brary is “handmade to order”
  • Items are not stocked, and are produced after being ordered
  • Please allow for 2-4 weeks to make your item(s) before shipment is sent out for free delivery (between 24-72 hours.)


JOE lil’brary

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 25 cm

Natural, Antique, Canary, Forest, Amsterdam, Bermuda

Language edition

English, Afrikaans

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