a book-sharing movement

Getting South Africans back into reading in a digital age takes a movement of working together. We thank you for your interest!

the lil'brary motto

Bring a book, borrow a book. This book-sharing movement is free for all to use – adults, teens and kids.

Why we need lil'braries

Lil’braries are about freedom. Freedom to read, freedom of ideas. They are about education, about protesting the closure of libraries, about using our imaginations and providing for others to use theirs.

We say it's handcrafted...

but really, it comes from the heart.

Uniquely portable magic

Each and every one of our lil'braries have a unique, individual theme. Just like books, no two lil’braries are ever the same, never ever.

lil'brary specs

lil'braries are open to everyone, they never close and there is no paperwork or overdue fines.


740W x 1580H (mm)

Simple & environmental

A mindful selection of the materials: steel pipe tubing (outside dia. 20mm), fittings and locally sourced pine.


Spray-applied, baked enamel finish. Gloss lacquer protective overcoat.


Made skillfully by hand = Less energy (where applicable)


Three deep open bookshelves – Top shelf dedicated to adults, a middle shelf for teens and a bottom shelf just for the little ones.

Public education

Clear instructions to encourage the joe public on how to use the lil'brary.


lil'braries set loose (so far)


gently used books salvaged


cup a joe's consumed

Our partners

We thank our partners for their invaluable support!

Hydro Dipping SA


Mitsubishi Motors SA


Murray and Me





We are proud of the work we do but don't take our word for it.

"Die Maanling is ‘n storie wat verdien om vertaal te word in baie tale."

Antjie Krog

Suid-Afrikaanse digter, akademikus en skrywer. Is ook vir die Afrikaanse vertaling van Die Maanling verantwoordelik.

"I read The Moonling twice and cried each time."

Braam Malherbe

Extreme adventurer, conservationist and change agent

On Sale

We genuinely love what we do and that's why we do it well.

Die Maanling


Sagteband (gelamineerd + reliëf)

  • Grootte: 254H x 203W (mm)
  • Bladsye: 40 (volkleur)
  • Ouderdom: 6-11 jaar
  • ISBN: 978-0-6399816-0-4
  • Vertaal deur: Antjie Krog
  • Gratis Aflewering



starter books incl.

  • Unique, individual theme
  • Size: 740W x 1580H (mm)
  • Steel tubing, fittings, local pine
  • Baked finish, gloss overcoat
  • Three bookshelves
  • Free delivery, set up (GP only)

The Moonling


Hard-cover (ImageWrap, endpapered)

  • Size: 254H x 203W (mm)
  • Pages: 40 (full colour)
  • Ages: 6-11 years
  • ISBN: 978-0-620-77314-0
  • Language: UK English
  • Free Shipping

The Moonling Kindle Edition

by Tjaart Lehmacher (Author, Illustrator), Paula Oelofsen (Author), Daniel Lehmacher (Illustrator)

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