About the lil’brary starter books

MURRAY and ME‘s Idiom Series is a delightful resource to help children cross the bridge from concrete to abstract thoughts. These books were written by Milan Murray, a well- known female actor and TV personality in South Africa and illustrated by Marisa du Toit.

Pete Twiddlefeet and the heart on his sleeve

Adults seldom carry their hearts on their sleeves. They prefer to hide it, keeping secrets. Children, on the other hand, bravely and honestly show how they feel. When exactly do we become so self-conscious about our inner lives? At what moment do we decide to put up our shields and hide our hearts away?

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Hetta Elizabetha en die wêreld op haar skouers

Die tweede prenteboek in Murray & Me se idioom-reeks is ’n noodsaak- like toevoeging tot enige kinder- boekrak. Grondslagfase leerders is almal in verskillende stadiums in hulle verstaan van abstrakte denke. Hierdie idioom-boek gebruik ‘n konkrete storie om die abstrakte idioom ‘dra die wêreld op sy skouers’ verstaanbaar te maak.

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Kop in die wolke in Kromkieriefontein

Die derde boek in Murray & Me se gewilde idioom-reeks – perfek vir selflees én saamlees. Die mense van Kromkieriefontein loop almal met ’n krom rug en hangskouers, geboë soos ’n kierie. Hulle hou hul oë op die grond en kyk nie juis verder as hul volgende tree nie. Dit was maar nog altyd so in hierdie dorp waar dagdroom en lees verbied is.

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The Moonling

From one JOE project to another – The Moonling, is an over-the-moon about earth children’s storybook with a mission to inspire children to connect with nature.

Synopsis: A Moonling longing for the earth, and a ten-year-old Earthling, named Karl, wanting nothing more than to explore the moon and the stars… By a happy chance these two kindred beings find each other, as well as a sense of awe for life around them. But the more the Moonling sees of this green and blue planet the more homesick he gets. To him it is clear that the earth is far more beautiful from far away… As their friendship grows, so do the questions. And as Karl figures out a plan to get the Moonling back to the moon, one has to wonder: Is it possible for a little creature of stone, to awaken in hearts of flesh, a love for this place we call home?

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