We enjoyed creating The Moonling as much as you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for taking the time to help your children become readers by reading The Moonling together. Some local praise for The Moonling below – Read the reviews on goodreads and Amazon

The Moonling book is a complete delight. I was bowled over by the beauty and creativity of the wonderful illustrations – how they invite close inspection and never disappoint (with resonances of real history which surprise). The colours and quality of the production also enrich the journey on every page. As to the story itself – the message of care and wonder for what we have on this planet of ours is one we must all know. The book is a wonderful way of sharing with youngsters about these issues in a way which is light and fresh. Thank you for this gift to our planet.

Adrienne Bird

Excellent theme for a children’s story. Kids are fascinated with the moon – and a little stone creature made from moonrock is going to make their imaginations run wild! They will be wanting a sequel…

Alet Oelofsen

I read The Moonling twice and cried each time.

Braam Malherbe, Extreme Adventurer/Conservationist and Change Agent

The Moonling is an inspiring story from which children as well as adults can learn and the highly original illustrations stay with you long after you’ve closed the book. Definitely a must-have for the book collection on the bedside table!

Dirk Oelofsen

A humorously written and richly illustrated book which provide much joy and learning to young readers and listeners!

Dr PE Beezhold

We are so very excited to have found a Moonling with kindness in his eyes. A mystical story for all young children and adults alike. We love your idea of encouraging reading and the love of our precious planet from a young age. If it takes Moonlings for us to appreciate our beautiful earth then all Moonlings are welcome. Kidz2kidz would love to see this book in all our Read2Lead book corners, which are popping up in classrooms around South Africa.

Kidz2Kidz Projects

On a subject close to my heart, and sadness at the state of our earth, our children are our hope for the future of this planet. What a delightful story and perspective to bring a clear message on how we take for granted the beauty, colours and energy of our earth, which we don’t notice as we buzz around our lives. My kids loved it and are inspired to make their world a better place, not just for us but for any creatures that may ever land here to see a wonderful place that we are blessed to have.

Lauren Thompson

Awesomeness is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this brilliant lovely story of the little stone creature and his Earthling. Some other key words also come to mind like; warm, funny, cute, heartsore and shock as the story unfolds between the Moonling and Karl. A must-have in your Christmas stocking for all kids and adults around the world this coming December 2017. Well done to Tjaart, Daniel and Paula for giving life to The Moonling. Will there be a sequel?

Magdalene Finch

The Moonling’s experience on earth changed something within both characters. This inspirational story encourages us to realize how we really do belong and that we really can make a difference in our world. I would recommend this book. The illustrations are unique and memorable.

Riana Robinson, Ripple Reading

Through the combined efforts of the authors, publishers and printers, my son received a personalised copy of this wonderful story just in time for his 7th birthday today. We all loved the story and the message it conveys is so important. It is a beautifully illustrated story with just the right balance of concepts. The story is fun all on its own but it also provides opportunity to discuss and teach about our impact on the earth. As a teacher I value this aspect immensely. Well done to all!

Shireen Steytler

Remember ‘The Little Prince’, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’? I want to put ‘The Moonling’ right there amongst those priceless stories. Although aimed at young readers, who will undoubtedly thoroughly enjoy ‘The Moonling’ and learn a lot in the process, I am convinced adults will be as enthralled with this lovely little book.

Trudy Reinhardt

Let me start of by saying this book intrigued me, a 47 year old lady. It made me feel like a kid again, remembering how I use to go into a world of make believe. I would gather cotton wool lots and lots so that I could just imagine what it would be like to be in the clouds. This book will awaken all kinds of make believe scenarios, however there are so many lessons in this book. The writer takes you on a journey of seeing all the things we take for granted. I do think kids will need to read the book not just once as the lesson about looking after earth is clear but what stood out for me was the lesson to never forget where we are from.

Wilna Dry