Behind the story

In going through her deceased mother’s belongings…

…the daughter unearthed a treasure trove of handwritten thoughts her much-missed mother scribbled down in a tattered notebook.  Among the pages, there was an enchanting children’s short story titled ‘The man from the moon’ which the late Beate Lehmacher (Oma Mutti) wrote.  As the story unravels, we’re introduced to the ten-year-old Earthling, named Karl, who wants nothing more than to explore the moon and the stars. Karl, is also the name of Oma Mutti’s last grandchild who was ten at the time – A coincidence? We think not.

The daughter felt compelled to share it with her own children who in turn saw this simple but compelling story as an opportunity to save our beautiful planet.  The Moonling is the grandchildren’s rendering of a greatly missed and never forgotten grandmother’s idea, and our hope for The Moonling is to honor Oma Mutti’s idea – Thank you for that!